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I don't go anywhere without my remedies!  It's true!  I have taken them to Kenya, Mauritius, the UK, Europe and recently, Japan.  I even take them with me to the shops!  I have a small pouch in my handbag with arnica and Emergency Essence.  I have a friend who tucks arnica in her kids' school bag for any bumps and bruises they may receive at school.  The beauty of having remedies on hand is being able to minimise trauma, promote a speedy recovery and reduce the impact of any injury or ailment on your activities at the time.  And if there is one particular time when we want to maximise our fun, and minimise our fun-zapping aches and pains, it's when we are travelling or on holidays.  If you are heading away any time soon, I hope the following information helps you get the most out of your time.
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