5 More Common Childhood Ailments. Family wellbeing using natural remedies, homeopathy and flower essences.

5 More Common Childhood Ailments

I have talked about common childhood ailments before and shared with you some natural remedies that can assist. It really is so empowering being able to care for your family and tend to their wellness yourself using natural, non-toxic remedies. This time I want to look at 5 more common childhood ailments – sore throats, cold sores, tummy aches, sniffles and skin rashes.


Throat & Tonsil Complex- a brilliant remedy to have on hand. Mine is literally sitting on my kitchen bench as I write! It contains Belladonna for anything red and hot so great for angry tonsils, but also handy for temperatures or fevers. Also contains Hepar Sulph which can help fight an infection, Baryta Carb for swollen glands and tonsils, and other powerful remedies. Please email me if you would like this remedy as I will order it in for you.

Bulletproof – boosts immunity and supports the body’s attempt to get on top of the illness before it progresses.

Raw honey – we are spoilt enough to have our own hives and I have found half a teaspoon of fresh, raw honey has had amazing effects on diminishing symptoms of a sore throat. You can also pour raw honey over diced onion and leave for a few hours or overnight. Strain and take one teaspoon every hour as needed (one dessertspoon for adults). This is helpful for sore throats and coughs.

Aconite – the remedy for the first sign of illness and given sore throats often appear early on in the illness phase, this is a good remedy to try – especially if the symptoms have come on suddenly.


Cold sores generally appear when there is extra stress, hormonal changes, lowered immunity or perhaps a few too many treat foods in our diet.

Cold Sore Balm – this balm contains a combination of powerful homeopathy remedies. For best results apply the balm at the very first hint of cold sore activity.  For established cold sores, apply with a cotton bud.

Cantharis is great for cold sores with an intense burning sensation, the blisters are large and tend to bleed easily.

Hepar Sulph for use with cold sores that develop pus, are slow to heal and very sensitive to touch. Use when worse with cold and cold air.

Nat Mur is suggested for watery, pearl-like blisters appearing on the lips especially after exposure to sun, fever or emotional upset. The blisters tingle and burn. Use when emotionally sad and sensitive.

Rhus tox is suggested for cold sore blisters that tingle, itch and sting, often with ulcers at the corner of the mouth. The person feels restless, with increased thirst and dry mouth.

Sepia is recommended if cold sores appear around the menses. The lesions may be crusty and scabby and around or inside the nose. Tired, foggy and irritable. SOURCE: OWEN HOMOEOPATHICS

Recurrent cold sores need to be investigated more deeply so please see a practitioner.


Belly Bandaid is a nice place to start as it is very gentle, containing the essence of the Paw Paw flower which soothes the gut and aids digestion. It is easy to add to liquid or water bottles, and gentle on the stomach.

Digestive Complex – this is always with me when we travel! A good all-rounder as it contains mag phos for cramping, nux vomica for nausea from food or travel sickness, carbo veg for burping, gas and reflux, nat sulph for using after rich foods, and other great remedies.

Nux Vomica – this can be viewed as the remedy for over-indulgence. It may relieve symptoms of hangover, excess food, and even over-stimulation.

Ipecac – Ipecac has been used traditionally for the symptomatic relief of nausea and vomiting, morning sickness, travel sickness, gastric upset and spasmodic cough with nausea and vomiting.



Sneezy Wheezy – this remedy is supportive of the lymphatics system which helps little bodies deal with irritants and excess mucous such as snot.

In the case of hayfever, the Hayfever Complex should offer relief. One or two doses 10 mins apart generally improves how one is feeling when affected by hayfever.

Bulletproof – nurture the immune system so that the body can use its magnificent defence system to sneeze out bugs before they take hold.

Euphrasia – use when there is bland, watery discharge during the day but blocked up in the evening. SOURCE: OWEN HOMOEOPATHICS

Nat Mur – for the nasal discharge that looks like egg white. Often follows a loud, spontaneous sneeze.

Kali Mur – if the nasal discharge is free-flowing and yellow in colour, this is a great remedy to encourage the body to purge the snot and improve wellbeing.

Anas Barb – While it can be taken as a cold and flu preventative during the winter months, it can be given at the very first sign of illness and after being exposed to someone who is unwell.


Did you know our skin is the largest organ of the body? Then it’s no wonder that skin rashes can be the most difficult ‘common childhood ailment’ to treat. Skin is often a complex matter and I encourage anyone who is experiencing persistent skin issues, to seek practitioner support.

Worms, Warts and All – contains the essence of the spinifex grass which has a lovely soothing and calming effect on the skin. Also contains other essences that support the body to manage fungal infections.

Sulphur – I generally think of sulphur if I am trying to treat dry skin that is taking quite a while to heal. Sulphur is indicated for dry, scaly skin that are aggravated from bathing or being in a warm bed.

Calendula – the homeopathic preparation of calendula is to assist with healing of wounds in general, including assistance with scar healing. It is commonly wound in ointments and I have used it with great success for dry, winter skin.

Other issues to consider (and best discussed with your practitioner) are hormone changes, diet, histamine tolerance, environmental toxins such as fragrance in washing detergent.

I hope these natural remedy suggestions for 5 more common childhood ailments has been useful to you. I will leave you with two more options for the general wellbeing of your family! Please get in touch if you need any help choosing remedies – I am always happy to assist.

Indestructible Kit – these flower essences provide a trusty toolkit of three of my most popular remedies to get you through the winter months feeling well.

You might also like to consider a Homeopathic Kit for your family which contains the most common remedies. You will always have what you need on hand!

5 More Common Childhood Ailments. Family wellbeing using natural remedies, homeopathy and flower essences.

5 More Common Childhood Ailments

I have talked about common childhood ailments before and shared with you some natural remedies that can assist. It really is so empowering being able ...

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