The Great Outdoors - Natural Remedies for Camping and Nature Time. Practical ideas for naturally managing common ailments associated with the outdoors. Flower essences for insect bites, cuts and bruises and other outdoor ailments.

Natural Remedies for the Great Outdoors

Natural remedies to have on hand for camping and day trips in nature.  

Spending time in the great outdoors is one benefit of living in an amazing country like Australia. There is so much to explore and the benefits of being out in nature are considerable for everyone in the family.

You might need some support with natural remedies to take on your camping or day trips. Here are some things I recommend for your holistic first aid kit. 


Sizzled Bits. This flower essence blend is useful to promote wellbeing at times of heat exposure and heat stroke.  I love how Sizzled Bits can be applied topically or added to sunscreen or after-skin lotions to soothe and repair the skin from the sun’s rays.  Taken orally, Sizzled Bits may reduce the emotional stress from sunburn and prevent the body from becoming dehydrated.  

Calm Your Farm. Great for when things get a bit chaotic and the kids are unsettled from travel and changes in routine. 

Worms, Warts and All.  This blend is useful for skin conditions and rashes from heat. 

Whoopsies. Excellent for accidents, injuries, shock and big emotions. This remedy is FREE for subscribers for the month of April with the purchase of any other essence. Check your emails for the code. 

Belly Bandaid. A great flower essence blend for soothing digestion and settling tummy aches. Different environments, foods and even swimming water can upset the balance.

Women’s Flower Essence Mist. This is great for soothing sunburn and hydrating the skin after being out in the sun. 

Emergency Essence Mist. Spritz this one at times of high stress and big emotions. Use it in the tent, car and after any accidents and injury. 


Ledum. This remedy is used for bites and stings where the skin is pale, cold, swollen and mottled.

Apis. Helpful for symptoms related to bites and stings with redness, heat and swelling, hives, nettle rash, allergic eruptions and sore throats with stinging pains and sensation of swelling.  

Arsenicum. Use this homeopathic remedy for symptomatic relief of tummy upsets with vomiting and diarrhoea. It may also boost immunity when travelling. 

Arnica. This remedy is great for bruises, accidents and injuries. It can also be used for sore muscles after big days of hiking. Mag Phos is a good one for cramping. 

Bite and Sting Balm. For anyone that attracts the mozzies, this balm is great to have on hand to relieve bites. It has a soothing blend of Apis, Calendula, Hypericum, Ledum, Nat Mur and Rhus Tox.  

Travel Kit. This kit has 20 of the most common remedies with an instructional booklet in a durable leather case. Everything you need for treating cuts, bruises, shock, strong emotions, bites, stings, coughs and colds. 

For the month of April, the travel kit is 10% off. Use the code: TRAVEL10

Other Natural Remedies

Stay hydrated. One of the simple but most important tips! Drinking plenty of water is important when you are active outdoors to avoid dehydration. Coconut water or bone broth after a big day in the sun are great natural alternatives to replace electrolytes as well.

Take some healthy, non-perishable snacks for emergencies and to ensure you are adequately fuelled. Think grass fed jerky, nuts, dried fruit and packaged protein bars and bliss balls (check the ingredients). 

Aloe vera. Apply this plant topically for relief of sunburn and rashes. If you haven’t got access to the plant, you can often buy aloe vera gel, but just make sure there are no nasties in the ingredient list. 

Use a good quality, natural insect repellent without DEET, like Good Riddance to keep the bugs from biting!

Essential oils. Some good ones to have on hand for travelling are tea tree (antibacterial and useful for cuts and wounds), lavender (for keeping everyone calm, helping with sunburn and bites) and geranium (to repel ticks).

If you are going to an area with ticks, find out how to prevent them and remove ticks the correct way here.

However you choose to spend time in the great outdoors, have fun and enjoy the wonderful benefits of all those negative ions and fresh air!

What is an essential you take on your camping and nature trips? Let us know!

Want more info? Read the Homeopathy Travel Fact Sheet from Owen Homeopathics

Sources: Owen Homeopathics

Disclaimer: This blog is not intended to replace the service of a qualified practitioner.  Any application of the recommendations set forth in this blog is at the reader’s discretion and sole risk.  

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