Men's Health

Men’s Health

Men can sometimes need a little nudge to look after their health, so I thought I would share some tips that may be of assistance. Here are some natural remedies for men’s health, mainly focusing on the areas of stress and work. Of course if you need advice for specific health concerns, do consult your medical practitioner!

Mister. This is a special flower essence blend I have created just for men. It is an essence focused mostly on addressing feelings around stress and not feeling connected or grounded.  This blend will assist with managing emotions in a healthy way while continuing to strive to reach one’s full potential.  

For stress, I recommend: 

Rocket Fuel. This flower essence is great for supporting the adrenals and managing stress. It can help diminish overwhelm and settle down worries. 

Stress Complex. This combination of homeopathic remedies may offer support for symptoms associated with everyday stresses. It includes the following remedies: Cocculus 6c, Ginseng 5x, Kali Phos 6x, Phos Acid 6c.

Working long hours?

The Focus Pocus blend is brilliant for helping stay on task and learning new skills. 

Sweet Dreams can help with restful sleep, especially if there is worry or repetitive thoughts. 

Khali Phos is a fantastic nerve nutrient and is particularly useful in times of stress, study and overwork.  Recommended for intellectual type blokes who find it hard to get out of their brain.

Travelling or attending events for work?

The Digestive Complex can help when your diet is different and digestion is challenged (or you overindulge at the work party!)

Working nightshift? 

Sweet Dreams can help regulate the body clock, encourage the ability to switch off and help with breaking habits (like being awake at night).

Nux Vom can be used for overwork, when you have studied too much, are out of routine, shift work and when the body clock is upset. 

Of course, general wellbeing habits of good sleep, good diet, exercise, fresh air, sunshine and relaxation are all recommended as well! Regular chiropractic appointments may be of use too.

A good mens’ multivitamin and zinc in particular can also be of assistance. Zinc is good for immune function and healthy cell growth and also has a role in preserving prostate health, sexual health and testosterone hormone levels.

Taking regular time out and finding mindful activities and hobbies can help with stress levels, finding a good work/life balance and maintaining good mental health.

Have you got specific ailments you need help with? Please get in touch if you need assistance with choosing the right remedies or you might like a personalised essence for your particular challenges. 


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