Natural Remedies for Teenagers. Practical support for raising teenagers. Flower essences for teenagers.

Natural Remedies for Teenagers

The teen years! A rite of passage as we transition from children to adults. It’s not always easy with physical and emotional challenges to deal with. And if you are a parent with teens, life can be extra challenging as they exert their independence and deal with puberty.

Teenagers often have a lot going on with school, sport and other activities, part-time jobs and socialising.  Stress from study, navigating relationships and societal issues like technology, peer pressure and drugs can become overwhelming. It can also be an awkward time navigating puberty with body and hormonal changes and symptoms like acne. 

There are many natural remedies that can support teens (and the family!) during this time of transition. Here are some suggestions for you:

Flower Essences

Focus Pocus. This blend can help with clarity and serenity, assimilating new ideas, ability to learn from past experiences and focus for trying new things. 

Shake It Off. I originally formulated this blend with teenagers in mind, to encourage a positive mindset, rather than one that dwells on the past or what could happen in the future. 

Confidence Charge

Confidence Charge. This blend is for feeling confident in one’s skin – to make the most of opportunities and be proud of the young adult they are becoming.

For Ever & Ever. A good one for both parents and teens. It can help you get back on the same page, open channels of communication and move beyond past hurts.=

Personalised Essence.  I can make your teen a customised blend, targeting the balancing of strong emotions related to hormones for both young men and women.

Homeopathic Remedies

Belladonna. This is indicated for red, hot, swollen acne and blemishes.

Gelsemium. If teenagers are worried about what others think, this remedy is good for  anxiety of the anticipatory nature.  

Ignatia. This remedy is good for any loss and sadness with friendships and relationships and even can apply to moving schools.

Bryonia. Use this if your teen is grumpy, ill-tempered and easily aggravated. 

Tissue Salts 

Silica. This tissue salt is good for healthy hair, nails and teeth and also for healing blemishes.

Kali Phos. Use this remedy for support during study stress. It can be used for focus headaches and also nervous tension.

Calc Phos. Traditionally calcium phosphate was used in tonics and believed to have a tonic effect at times of rapid growth and to improve the absorption of nutrients.  

Mag Phos. This is good for cramps and muscle pain, particularly after exercise and a lack of water or around menstruation for girls.

For further information on homeopathic and tissue salt remedies for teens, check out Owen Homeopathics Teen Fact Sheet.

Other Natural Remedies

The basics of good nutrition, restorative sleep, exercise, nature, sunshine, fresh air and relaxation are really important for growing bodies and brains, so that is always a good place to start.

Being a good role model for these healthy habits can make all the difference. Involve your teens in preparing healthy food and go for walks with them (also a good way to open up lines of communication).

Limiting screen time can really assist teens with their health and mood. Blue light can be detrimental to sleep, so wear blue blocking glasses or adjust your screen devices for night time mode. Used my Zapped essence blend to help negate the effects of feeling drained after using technology.

Space Clearing Mist

Space Clearing Mist. This is great to use after sleepovers or socialising when you notice your teen’s energy is a bit off.  

Regular chiropractic or massage treatment is recommended as growth and physical activity can be at its peak, which can take a toll on the body.

Teenagers need a lot of sleep because their bodies are doing a lot of work transitioning to adulthood. If sleep is a problem, try calming herb teas like chamomile, passionflower and tulsi. 

Many teens find that creative expression can be useful during this time. Whether it’s creating art, photography, dancing or music, it can all help with mindfulness and stress relief.

Good communication, unconditional love and creating a supportive, calm environment at home helps teens feel like you have their back when life gets rocky. Read more about raising a happy, healthy teenager here.

Have you got a teenager? Let me know what you have found useful in supporting them!

Sources: Owen Homoeopathics 

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