Support for Habits and Addictions

Support for Bad Habits and Addictions

With every bad habit and/or addiction, there is generally an emotion that drives it. True healing will come from addressing some of those motivations, but once addressed, the freedom and growth that is accomplished is worth the self-work.  

There are many ways you can support yourself while breaking habits and addictions. 

Bad Habits

Some bad habits (and by that I mean any habits that you know are not good for you!) may be related to anxiety, stress or worry. In that case, look at natural remedies for anxiety.

If you or your child is having issues with food, The Food Critic essence may be useful.  It can be used for those who have a block about eating certain foods, or have fears over eating something that is perceived as not tasting nice. 

Bed wetting and children who bite or hit are very common behaviours or habits that children can experience.  Get in touch and we can work together to address some of the emotions that can be playing a part. 

Habits are very often linked to fear and Dog Rose essence can address this. It can be found in the Whoopsies blend or a personalised blend.

By boosting confidence, the pull of some habits can start to dissipate so looking at activities such as meditation, exercise and taking time out can boost self-esteem.  Confidence Charge essence might also be a great support to not only boost confidence in oneself, but to also assist with helping your reach your full potential.  

If controlling behaviour or hypervigilance is present in repetitive behaviours, then Calm Your Farm essence may be used. It can help to quieten down the noise and encourage one to be more present and accepting of their surroundings. 

Nail biting is one habit that many people struggle with. The support for this one depends on the purpose of the habit. Is it done when feeling stressed or anxious? Perhaps fearful? Or is it done out of boredom and when one is idle? There are flower essences that can address each of those scenarios, so a personalised essence would be best.

Poor sleep habits, waking at set times in the night or having trouble sleeping can be supported with the Sweet Dreams remedy.


There are some great flower essences to use in support of addictions. 

Bottlebrush essence can be used to help breach the habit. This essence can be found in The Food Critic and Belly Bandaid

Monga Waratah essence can assist with realising one’s own inner strength.  This one is found in The Food Critic. 

Not learning from past experiences and repeating mistakes can benefit from Isopogen essence. My Focus Pocus essence has this one in it.  It’s a very good essence for bringing to the fore previous connections with experiences so if these experiences are negative, you can consciously make different, rational decisions. 

A particular combination of essences can support someone battling addiction by promoting clarity and serenity, while encouraging one to progress or move forward with their growth.  

If you notice a generational family pattern to the habit or addiction, there are specific flower essences that help to dissolve this connection to family patterns. 

When there is guilt or shame connected to a current or past addiction, flower essences do such a great job at addressing shame, guilt and even disgust in oneself.  

With sugar cravings, it is recommended to see a therapist however there is a flower essence to support the pancreas and the body’s need for sugar.  

Do you need help to break habits or addictions? This is one area that really benefits from one on one support, so please get in touch and we can work together on a personalised essence for you.

However I have also been working on an essence for addictions and bad habits, FREEDOM and I am really happy with it! It assists with releasing shame or guilt associated with the behaviour, while empowering a can-do attitude to persevere, move forward and strengthen commitment to change. 

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