Flea Deterrent Complex



A combination of homoeopathic remedies for the symptoms associated with itchy skin and susceptibility to fleas.

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This complex is a combination of homoeopathic remedies used traditionally for the symptoms associated with itchy skin and susceptibility to fleas.  The complex includes the following homoeopathic remedies: Caladium 6c, Calc phos 6x, Nat mur 6x, Pulex irritans 12c, Staphysagria 6c, Beech, Crab Apple & Walnut Bach Flower Essences.

This remedy may need to be repeated a few times daily and be continued for a week to ten days before the problem is fully resolved.  If there is no change after several doses then consult your homoeopathic home prescribing book to select a more suitable remedy

Always read the label.  Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy. If symptoms persist consult your health care professional promptly.