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1 x 30ml Flower Essence Infusion
$ 24.95
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Breastfeeding Mumm wants to bond with her new baby and become comfortable with the closeness of breastfeeding.  She knows her hormones are a bit crazy since having her baby but feels Breastfeeding Support helps to balance the fluctuations in hormones and assists with the production of milk.

Breastfeeding Mumma likes that it promotes the protection of her and Bubba from outside negatives influences, and supports her lymphatics in the case of mastitis. 

Positive Outcome:

* Breaks down barriers association with the act of breastfeeding

* Encourages bonding between mother and baby

* Fosters confidence to trust one's intuition when it comes to caring for your baby

* Supports lymphatics to reduce instances of mastitis

Contains: Purified Water, Brandy, Vegetable Glycerine, Vibrational Essences.

Customers do have the option of using brandy to preserve their mix.  Less than 10mls of brandy and glycerine is used.  Vegetable glycerine will be used if not specified otherwise.

RRP $24.95