The Simplest Remedy

SP 519x519

Flower essences have been used for centuries to improve emotional health and wellbeing across many different cultures.  They are a vibrational therapy to address emotional imbalance that can have physical implications.  The Simplest Remedy's unique flower essence range has been inspired by every day disharmonies that can be balanced by the use of flower essences.  They have the potential to release past trauma, unlock negative thought patterns and balance the mind and body.  Addressing emotions and releasing emotional blockages can help harmonise the cells in the body, minimising the development of disease or illness.  Safe for use with children and animals, with no side-effects or interactions with medications.

You may have noticed the very distinct labels of The Simplest Remedy's range.  These drawings, or 'characters' as I'd like to call them were the masterpieces of my daughter who was between the ages of two and three at the time.  She could always be found with a pen in her hand (to the detriment of my walls and furniture, on occasions) and had a penchant for drawing people.  As I would routinely collect the day's drawings from the floors and tables at my house, I could see that each of the 'characters' had their own personality.  Some looked joyful and full of life.  Some looked serious and contemplative, while others looks mischievous and playful.  This was at a time I was finishing my studies on Australian Bush Flower Essences and it seemed the perfect partnership to my Essences - each of which had their own 'personality'.  

The Simplest Remedy's range of flower essences are local to Townsville and are handmade in small batches with genuine intention.  Currently available for purchase at Family Life Organics, Calanna Pharmacy in Deeragun or online.  If you'd like to become a stockist of this unique product, click here