The Food Critic makes an appearance at meal times and is easily identified by a stubborn and close-minded attitude. The Food Critic is resistant to trying new foods or new ways of doing things. When challenged, The Food

The Food Critic

1 x 30ml Flower Essence Infusion
$ 24.95
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The Food Critic can be recognised by it’s stubbornness and closed mindedness.  It demonstrates resistance to trying new things or new ways of doing things.  When being challenged, The Food Critic can be rather manipulative or hot-headed. It can be the most difficult dinner guest you will ever serve!

Positive Outcome:

* Acceptance

* Open-mindedness

* Ability to cope and move on

* Fear of losing control

* Openness to new experiences and new ways of doing things

* Relating without manipulating

* Sensitivity, respect and consideration

Contains: Purified water, Vibrational Essences, Brandy, Vegetable Glycerine.

 Less than 10mls of brandy/glycerine is used.  Customers do have the option of using brandy to preserve their mix.  Vegetable glycerine will be used if not specified otherwise.

RRP $22.95