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Jackie Griffin Synnott has published her first book about homeopathic remedies - told through nursery rhymes!

Rhymes for Remedies has been self-published by Jackie, and is broken into eight sections covering an array of common ailments such as bruises, burns, colds, and sleeplessness, aimed at children.  It has 24 nursery rhymes with 24 remedies.  

Describing the book, Jackie, who lives in Cork, Ireland, said: "Delightful hardback, colour-illustrated guide to homeopathic remedies for children's complaints.  Bright, bold, engaging illustrations of each nursery rhyme depicting a remedy leap out of the page at you!"

"Learn how poor old Humpty Dumpty needs his arnica, Wee Willie Winkie his arsenicum, or little Miss Muffet her aconite!  Aimed at parents with children especially, but the vivid, primary colours, amusing cartoons and nursery rhyme motif will surely appeal to kids too, kindling their early enthusiasm for homeopathy.  Brilliant learning fun for all the family." 

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