Sinus Support Duo

1 x Hayfever Complex
1 x Sneezy Wheezy
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$ 42.45
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Hayfever Complex

The Hayfever Complex is a combination of homoeopathic remedies and tissue salts used traditionally for the symptoms associated with hayfever.  The complex includes the following homoeopathic remedies:  Allium 6c, Euphrasia 6c, Sabadilla 6c, Grasses and Pollens to help desensitise and Tissue Salts..  

Always read the label.  Homoeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy.  If symptoms persist consult your health care practitioner promptly. 


Sneezy Wheezy

A unique flower essence formulation which can support the lymphatic system as well as feeling of fogginess, resentment and stress.

Positive Outcome:

* Relieves irritation

* Calm and serenity

* Support for the lymphatic system.

Contains: Purified water, Vibrational Essences, Vegetable Glycerine.


Customers do have the option of using brandy only to preserve their mix.  Less than 10mls of brandy/glycerine is used.  Vegetable glycerine will be used if not specified otherwise.

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