Digestive Support Duo

1 x 4g Digestive Complex
1 x 30ml Belly Bandaid
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$ 42.45
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Digestive Complex

The Digestive Complex is a combination of homeopathic remedies chosen for their ability to stimulate healthy and regular action of the digestive system.

The complex includes homoeopathic remedies Carbo veg 6c, Colchium 6c, Lycopodium 6c, Nux Vomica 6c and Tissue Salts.  This remedy can be repeated 2-3 times daily and may need to be continued for several weeks before the problem is fully resolved.  Repetitions should reduce as symptoms improve.

If there is no change after several days then consult your homoeopathic home prescribing book to select a more suitable remedy. If symptoms persist consult a homoeopath or a health care professional.

Always read the label.  Homeopathic principles should be applied when using this remedy.  If symptoms persist, consult your health care professional promptly.


Belly Bandaid

Postiive Outcome:

* Less rigid, open to change

* Balancing of the liver and gall bladder

* Cleansing

* Balancing of large intestines

* Reduces sugar cravings

Contains:  Purified water, Vibrational Essences, Brandy, Vegetable Glycerine


Customers do have the option of using brandy only to preserve their mix.  Less than 10mls of brandy/glycerine is used.  Vegetable glycerine will be used if not specified otherwise.

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