Green Supreme Blend

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Changing Habits Supreme Green Blend is a blend of, barley grass, chlorella, spirulina, broccoli sprout, sweet leaf “stevia” and kelp. These green super foods are nature’s way of supplying plant based vitamins, minerals, trace minerals, phytonutrients, antioxidants and amino acids in a convenient manner, which are easily digested, absorbed and utilised. The body has evolved to eat plant based nutrients bound within a food not a pill. Changing Habits Supreme Green Blend contains nutrients that the body has the ability to recognise and use for the many functions the body must perform for health and energy.

Green vegetables and leafy greens are a very important part of a healthy diet. In fact we should be consuming some sort of leafy green on a daily basis. Vitamins, minerals, phytonutrients, fibre, proteins, amino acids and antioxidants (as found in our supreme green blend) are essential for the body for health and energy. 

Add Supreme Green Blends To Your Daily Routine especially if;

  • Kids not eating their GREENS.
  • You are constantly ON THE RUN and not eating as well as you should.
  • Traveling for business or pleasure, the greens make sure you are getting all you need
  • Have a compromised immune system
  • Undertaking the 4 Phase Fat Elimination Protocol and need extra nutrients for repair of new cells
  • Need to SUPPLEMENT your food supply.
  • Are going through a health crisis
  • Have DIGESTIVE problems and chronic "GUT" troubles.......... then THIS IS THE FOOD SOURCE FOR YOU.


Changing Habits Supreme Green Blend is

  • Bio Gro Certified Organic
  • An Alkaline Food Supplement
  • Chemical/pesticide Free, GMO Free and very low gluten (o Free From Any Artificial Flavours, Additives
  • NO Animal And NO Dairy Products
  • Helps fulfil recommended daily requirements for multiple servings of leafy greens and vegetables,
  • Enhances the ability of the immune system to work efficiently
  • Provides live enzymes
  • Delivers a wide range of antioxidants and phytonutrients
  • Has been known to help overall energy
  • Cost effective and easy--no juicing mess!
  • Wonderful to use for people who travel

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