Inca Inchi Protein Powder

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Great for vegans that need the PLANT protein, fantastic for the family "on the run" to supplement the daily diet, a "must have" for the gym junkies and the body builders to replace the chemical based whey proteins, kids not eating their proteins...then sprinkle this on salads, in smoothies and over the vegies- they will love the nutty taste!
Inca Inchi is also known as Sacha Inchi and has been called one of nature’s most impressive superfoods.

Inca inchi Powder has many uses. It’s great as a stand-alone protein powder, or as an addition to any smoothie or drink mix. It’s a perfect ingredient for power bars, desserts or baking, and it can be included wherever Protein or Omega’s are needed.

You can even lightly toast the powder! Can also be used in, or on desserts and cereals.

The items that set this nut/protein powder apart from others is that it gives us the essential and non-essential amino acids, omegas: plus vitamins and minerals in one natural product with no high temperature processing and preservatives and no chemical alteration of the food.

The Inca Inchi plant is indigenous to the Peruvian Amazon Forest, and produces small nuts that are extremely rich in high quality, nutritious oils and protein powders.


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