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Grief & Sadness

In the past month, shock, grief and sadness has gripped the nation as we come to terms with the devastation of the bushfires.  My study has taught me that although one has emerged from a crisis in one piece physically, the emotional trauma can have a very real impact on health and wellbeing – mentally AND physically, in the months and years to come.  I saw this after the Townsville floods last year, when colds, the flu, pneumonia, headaches and other illnesses presented at high levels over the weeks and months after the floods.  Trauma such as the bushfires just can’t be buried within and remain silent.  It must be healed and the body will start with a niggle, then a whinge and if you are still not listening, it will eventually scream at you. 

Following is a list of remedies that can help you through a traumatic time – whether it is related to the bushfires or any other crisis.  And these remedies are not just for those directly affected – they may be helpful for those of us who, like me, are so far away, but have been upset by what is being reported. 

Homeopathic Remedies: 

* Aconite: acute, panicky fear and restlessness following sudden, severe, strong shock, fright or close call.  May fear death, darkness, the unknown3

* Ignatia: Where the initial reaction is hysteria and the person goes to pieces.  Often sit and sigh or may alternate between bouts of crying and laughter. Feels unable to cope without help. Sleep and eating patterns disturbed3

* Pulsatilla: Shy people who are better from sympathy and need constant company.  Very weepy and cry at all reminders3.

* Arsenicum: Can help the person who is anxious and busy, suffering from exhaustion and restlessness.  Also indicated for the perfectionist-type person who strives to help others3.

* Chamomilla: Encourages a sense of calm – may be helpful for children and households going through a tumultuous time.

* Phos Acid:  Indicated when the person is completely wiped out by grief.  Indifferent, apathetic.  Suffering in silence and very slow to answer. Helpful after the initial shock of grief, or later down the track when the reality of the loss has set in3. Contact us to order in this remedy.

Traumeel:  Available from most chemists or health shops in tablets or cream form.  Specifically for soft tissue trauma, but also helpful for emotional trauma.  Contains remedies like arnica and chamomilla, which are soothing and allow the healing of physical and emotional trauma.  Contact us if you'd like to order in this remedy.

 Flower Essences:

* Emergency Essence: a flower essence combination for shock, stress and trauma. Can be taken frequently during stressful periods.


* Calm Your Farm is an oral flower essence combination, similar to Calm & Clear which can be helpful for those struggling in stressful and chaotic environments to remain calm and clear-headed.  


* Calm & Clear Spray: a beautiful smelling spray that can create a calm and relaxed environment.  Great for misting bedrooms before sleep or communal areas where stress levels can be high.

 Don't forget your pets:

* Stress Less Pet: a flower essence combination for the animal that is frightened, injured, wary or skittish.  May also be helpful for injured wildlife.  Can be applied topically (usually at the base of the neck), given orally, or added to food and water. 

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