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Owen Homoeopathics:

As a preventative measure during the cold and flu season, or when you’ve been in contact with someone who is unwell, Owen Homoeopathics recommend Anas Barb 200c.  You can take one dose monthly, or fortnightly if you or your children are prone to illness, or more frequently at the beginning of a virus or bacteria.  I personally have found it more responsive to influenza, but have heard many stories of the success use in relation to head colds.  My family and I are all currently taking fortnightly doses as a preventative this winter. 

There is also a Cough Complex that has proved excellent with my children in clearing up persistent coughs after illness.  It contains Drosera 6c, Kali Carb 6c, Phosphorus 6c,Ipecac 6c, Pulsatilla 6c, Belladonna 6c and Spongia 6c.  These remedies cover the dry, barking cough, the ticklish cough, the loose cough with yellow phlegm and the loud, barking cough like a seal.  So it is a fantastic choice when you are unsure of the exact description of the cough and I believe a must-have in your colds & flu kit. 

For more information regarding individual remedies relating to coughs, check out this factsheet.


Australian Bush Flower Essences:

These Essences can assist with the recovery of coughs in a number of ways.  Illawarra Flame Tree essence is the essence of the immune system.  It can help support the immune system function while the body battles a cough.  Bush Iris can assist the lymphatics when dealing with a wet cough.  A personalised flower essence blend can combine these essences, along with others to assist with the recovery of coughs.  If you would like a specialised Australian Bush Flower Essence blend prepared to address a persistent cough, you can contact me here.    Another suggestion is rubbing Emergency Essence below the sternum notch for some temporary relief.  


Young Living Essential Oils:

Two to three drops of the following essential oils in your hands and rubbed together before cupping over your nose and inhaling can provide relief from coughing and boost the immune system.  Or a warm compress with 1-2 drops of oil over the chest, throat and upper back, two times daily can also help. 


The oils to try are Eucalyptus radiata, Peppermint, Cedarwood,  Copaiba, R.C., Thieves, and Melrose.


I’ve personally had success using the Breathe Again Roll-on.  It’s great in the middle of the night if your child wakes coughing as it’s very convenient to apply and very effective.  And don’t forget Peace & Calming can help settle a child who is distressed by coughing.  You can diffuse in their bedroom; place a drop on their pillow or under the collar of their pyjamas. 


Martin & Pleasance

Now I couldn’t complete a blog on Coughs without including these little tablets. Kidz Minerals Cold & Cough Relief by Martin & Pleasance have proven effective in our household time and time again.  They are easy to administer and are suitable for young babies if you crush half a tablet and mix with food.  I find these help with speeding up the tail-end of a cold or cough.  With minerals that help expel mucous and build immunity and strength, this product comes highly recommended from me and many families around me who also love them. 


So while coughs can be irritating, persistent and disturb one’s sleep, by following the above measures (and the tips below) you really can help your body recover and minimise the spreading of nasty bugs. 


Other Tips & Ideas:

* Keep hydration levels up.

* A steam vapouriser may reduce coughing, especially at night.

* Try an extra pillow and sleeping more upright.

* Include immune-boosting supplements in your diet such as fermented foods, bone broth, kefir, vitamin C, zinc and herbal supplements such as Echinacea.

* Keep your cough to yourself – cough in to the elbow of your arm or a tissue.  Wash hands regularly.

* Consider chiropractic treatment – my family and I have had many coughs relieved from one treatment.



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