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Everything is energy! And everything has its own vibration and energetic frequency, including us. 

Healing using energy is not new – it’s been used for thousands of years in ancient cultures. Moving blocked energy can help us feel better, physically and emotionally. 

There are so many types of therapies that use energy healing from Reiki to Hypnotherapy, Reflexology and more. There are also many tools we can use that work energetically – essential oils, homeopathy and of course flower essences. 

Energetic therapies have the ability to change the vibration or energetic fields within our body, meaning that they have the ability to heal. 

When our vibration is low, our mind and body is susceptible to dis-ease. By raising our vibration through energetic therapies, you can create an environment where dis-ease cannot thrive.  


Have you heard of Rescue Remedy? Well then you are already familiar with flower essences. Rescue Remedy is created using Bach flower essences, originating from England. This might be the most well known flower essence blend and it has made its way into the mainstream, even being sold at chemists!

I work with Australian Bush Flower Essences. They are created from plants that are either native to Australia or have a strong presence in our landscape. They are in liquid form, made from fresh flowers that imprint water with their energetic pattern.

 They are not created from the oil or scent of the flower/plant so there is no smell. It’s rather the energetic vibration from the plant, imprinted on the water, which has a healing benefit to our bodies. 

The aim is to bring the body back to a state of balance by treating the imbalance at a higher level.


Here is some more information about how to use flower essences and how to get the most out of them.

How do you take flower essences?

Flower essences can be taken orally or topically. 

They are usually taken as 7 drops under the tongue morning and night (although I am not strict on that myself as a practitioner…or a Mum!) 

It’s best to take them away from food, drink or brushing teeth. Allow 15-20 minutes either side. 

In addition, you can use them for a specific situation as needed. For example, you might want to use FOCUS POCUS drops just before an exam or a long car trip or use BELLY BANDAID when the kids have a sore tummy.

You can also add your essences to food or drinks which is great for young children or animals. Pop them in to your water bottle in the morning for sipping on throughout the day.

You can also apply flower essences directly to your skin topically. An example of this would be using EMERGENCY ESSENCE directly on an insect bite. It’s best not to use it on broken skin as the brandy used to preserve the mix can sting. But they can be added to creams for the skin or even to your bath water!

Try placing the drops onto your stomach just above your naval, this is where your ‘feeling centre’ is situated or place the drops on your pulse points e.g. inner wrists, side of the neck or behind the ears. 

Are flower essences safe to use?

Be confident when using flower essences pregnant, breastfeeding, for young babies and animals because the essence is metabolised through the limbic system, rather than digested like supplements. Flower essences do not interact with any medications. They work really well in conjunction with other healing therapies like homeopathy, holistic counselling, reiki etc. 

What’s in flower essences? 

Flower essence, distilled water and a preservative. I either brandy or organic vegetable glycerine. This is to prevent bacteria growing if the dropper touches the inside of a person’s mouth. The amount of brandy used is not enough to register in the blood and is safe for babies and young children.  Organic vegetable glycerine is generally used in children’s blends as it has a more appealing taste.

How do you use flower essences? 

Less is more – while you can use more than one essence at a time, or different blends throughout the day, by spacing these out or focusing on one for a week or two can have the most benefit. 

When starting a new blend, it is best to take it for a minimum of 2- 4 weeks.  Then have a break of 2 weeks. Like an onion, as you peel back your layers, you may discover a change in your health, body or emotions which will mean your healing needs to go in a different direction or with a different essence. 

How do you store flower essences? 

Essences are best to be stored out of direct sunlight and away from heat, hence the amber bottles. Find a cool, dark place for them. 

How to choose the right flower essence blend?

Choose the blend that resonates with your symptoms or how you are feeling at this time. If your concerns are more specific, work with a flower essence practitioner (like me!) who can make you personalised blend to address your individual needs. 

Flower essences are a subtle but powerful energy therapy designed to bring you back into harmony and balance. Enjoy using them and please get in touch if you have any questions or if you would like to experience them for yourself, check out the shop.

Sources: Australian Bushflower Essences

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