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Holistic Leadership


Holistic Leadership

In the past leadership has looked quite authoritarian. There was a focus on directing and administrating. You worked out what needed to be done and told people how to do it. In the modern era, things have changed and leadership these days is leaning towards a holistic style which is more focused on guiding and inspiring.

Have you noticed this in your workplaces and in the community? 


True leadership today and in the future looks more holistic in nature: 

  • - Anticipating issues, obstacles, challenges and opportunities
  • - Keeping abreast of new innovations and changing societal trends
  • - Understanding the organisation, oneself and others on a deeper level
  • - Fostering a collaborative and supportive culture 
  • - Encouraging learning and development


Personal qualities required of a holistic leader:

  • - Good communication skills
  • - Empathy and an ability to connect with others
  • - Emotional maturity and intelligence
  • - Awareness and ability to see the big picture 
  • - Flexibility and adaptability
  • - An ability to inspire and motivate others
  • - Authentic, transparent and ethical 


How Flower Essences can support the growth and development of one in a leadership role:


Working holistically, whether that is with Flower Essences or other therapies, increases awareness about your body and emotions, as well as fine tunes your intuition. Flower Essences assist with addressing emotions or disharmony you feel within your body to diffuse some of the negative feelings around difficult situations. 


Awareness about your areas to further develop can optimise your ability to continue to grow and refine your leadership skills.


Flower Essences to support growth in the leadership space:


  • Rocket Fuel - supports juggling many balls coming from various directions
  • Focus Pocus - bring your intellectual A-game to the table
  • Confidence Charge - back yourself and know you have the skills to lead
  • Inspire - refines communication skills and ability to lead


Inspire is my new essence that has your back! It will encourage honest communication reflecting one’s true self and rebalancing relationships to reduce a sense of obligation and unfair compromise. On the days that you don’t feel you have what it takes, Inspire is in your corner, raising your self-belief and assisting you to tap into skills you’ve acquired over your lifetime to present yourself in the light you always wished. 


Positive Qualities of Inspire Flower Essence:

  • - Confidence
  • - Self-belief
  • - Good communication skills
  • - Diminishes feelings of inferiority and unworthiness


A good work/life balance is necessary for anyone in a leadership role as it can be quite intense and time consuming. Ensuring adequate self care can enhance your leadership and set a good example for others. 


Holistic leadership is the way of the future! Organisations and businesses that foster holistic leadership can create a positive and supportive work environment that focuses on the wellbeing of all. 


This type of leadership style encourages collaboration, inclusivity, and trust, which in turn can assist with employee satisfaction, productivity, and overall success.


I would love to hear about your experiences with the changing style of leadership in our society.