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Your Spiritual Self


Why does spirituality mean to you?


When I think about spirituality, I think about the awareness of being part of something much bigger than ourselves, bigger even than our family and our country. It could be described as a sense of connection to the universe and a search for meaning in life.

Some people find their spiritual life fulfilled through religion or simply through their own connection with a higher consciousness. Whatever feels right to you is right!

Many people choose to connect in regularly with spiritual practices such as praying or meditating. Importantly, the spiritual connection should bring us positive feelings of peace, awe, contentment, gratitude, and acceptance.

Sounds good, right?

So how do we find that connection? How do we develop our spiritual self? There are some things that can help you deepen your connection and enhance your spiritual practices. 


Bush Fuchsia


Flower Essences for Spirituality


Angelsword. This essence is for reaching one’s own spiritual truth by cutting through any confusion or misinformation in messages. It can help you access the gifts from past lifetimes and provide clear spiritual communication.


Bush Fuchsia. This beautiful flower essence helps improve access to your intuition and trusting your gut feelings.  It allows for balance between the logical/rational and the intuitive/creative parts of ourselves ( i.e. the integration between the male and female aspects). 


Fringed Violet is a great essence for psychic protection and is excellent for people who are overly sensitive and drained by others or those who unconsciously absorb the physical and emotional imbalances of others. It releases psychic shock from the body.


Silver Princess. This flower essence can help you with an awareness of your life path and an understanding of your next steps. It allows you to enjoy the journey whilst striving for the goal.


I can make you up a personalised essence with any of these flower essences and anything else you might need on your spiritual path. Get in touch for a consultation!

Flower Essence Mists for Spirituality


The Space Clearing Mist is a great one to clear your space and create a sacred and harmonious environment. It purifies and releases built-up negative emotional and psychic energies. 


Calm and Clear Mist can be used to promote a sense of peace and help with clarity.

Essential Oils for Spirituality 


Frankincense can help us to get in touch with our intuition and open our third eye. It is a protective oil and can calm us to enable focus on our inner work.


Rosemary helps with bringing us closer to our soul purpose and finding a deeper understanding of ourselves. 


Lavender is very calming and relaxing and can help us drop into a meditative state. 


Roman Chamomile can help us feel connected to spirit and our guides as well as reminding us why we are here.


Sandalwood is often called the oil of devotion. It can assist with meditation and spirituality and devotion to a higher source.

Other Tools for Spirituality 


Many people find comfort and connection by attending churches, temples, mosques or synagogues for their spiritual expression. There are also sister circles and spiritual groups that have sacred ceremonies and rituals that can provide that sense of spirituality within a community.

Yet others find that solo time in nature can connect them to their spiritual self.

Mindfulness is one way we can tap into that spiritual connection so practices like yoga, qi gong, tai chi, breathwork and meditation are all useful. However any mindful activity where you are in the moment and present, like journaling, painting, dancing and gardening also can be very spiritual.

A simple way to start discovering your spiritual self is just to keep a daily gratitude journal. It only takes five minutes but it really is so powerful.

There are many great books on the topic of spirituality, so explore at your local library! 


When we connect in with our spirituality, it enables us to have a deeper understanding of who we are and what makes us happy. There are so many benefits of developing our spiritual self, both mental and emotional. It may just be the one thing that completes us and gives us a deep sense of aliveness and interconnectedness.

How do you practice your spirituality? I would love to hear! 


Australian Bushflower Essences

Jules of Saraswati