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Feeding Fussy Kids

Fussy eating is a normal part of childhood development and it’s not uncommon for kids to change their mind about what they like on a regular basis. It’s often just all about asserting independence and exploring their world.

However, pickiness with food can sometimes be a symptom of other things like autism, sensory issues and gut health, so that is something to keep in mind.

When the fussiness becomes chronic and starts affecting health and wellbeing, we may need some extra support.

Here are some tips for you if you have a fussy eater at your place.


The Food Critic Flower Essence Blend

I made this blend especially to help fussy eaters! It helps take the fear out of eating and trying new foods and promotes acceptance and an openness to trying new experiences.

So many great reviews have come in for this blend.

“I wanted to let you know that it has been about one month (maybe six weeks) since we started using 'The Food Critic' for my extremely fussy eater. NOW SHE TRIES EVERYTHING ON HER PLATE, EATS ABOUT 99% OF WHAT IS OFFERED AND ACTUALLY ENJOYS TRYING NEW FOODS! It's amazing! I've bought another bottle to send to a friend down south too! Thank you.” Brooke Batchelor

I can also tweak The Food Critic and make a customised blend to suit your child if they have different presentations.


Broccoli Trees, Yes Please! 


My clever friend Melissa Kent wrote a brilliant kid’s book for fussy eaters, Broccoli Trees, Yes Please! It’s a great way to bring up the conversation about healthy eating in a fun, relaxed way.

This month, you can win a copy of Broccoli Trees, Yes Please! and a The Food Critic remedy. Keep an eye out on social media and the monthly newsletter for details. 




A homeopathy remedy for fussy eaters is a bit more involved. The remedy you will need will depend on why they are being picky and also what else is going on.

For example, Gelsemium is great for anticipatory anxiety so that could be a great remedy for those kids that find eating is an anxious experience. 


If you would like to try homeopathy for picking eating, please get in touch with more information about the presentation and I can help you with the most appropriate remedy.

Tissue Salts

Two tissue salts you could try are CALC PHOS and NAT PHOS. 




It might pay to get a check up and some blood tests as picky eating can be a symptom of nutritional deficiencies.  Zinc in particular affects the way our tastebuds work and low levels can change the way food tastes in a negative way. 


Supplementing any other deficiencies could make a world of difference too!

Mind Set

Meal times can feel like a battle ground when you have a fussy eater in the family! I think it’s important to keep attitudes positive and light hearted and avoid forcing or trying to control your child’s food intake. 


Stress will only make the situation worse (and affect digestion) so try to remain neutral. Some Calm and Clear Essence spray mist might help diffuse any tension as well!

Praise children for trying new foods, even if they have decided not to like it.   



Try these tips for helping fussy eaters expand their palate. 


  1. 1. Learning Bowls. Nutritionist Mandy dos Santos has a great technique where a separate bowl is set up in addition to the regular meal. This learning bowl has foods that they are learning about or learning to like. 
  • 2. It can often be all in the marketing so you could try giving foods cool names. My kids would ask for ‘monster truck wheels’ (cut up banana), ‘apple chippies’ (thin slices of apple), ‘bubba cheese’ (parmesan cheese in the thermomix), ‘dippy egg’ or ‘egg soldiers’ for soft boiled eggs.
  • 3. Get the kids involved. From shopping to meal preparation, cooking and serving, involving kids at every stage gives them exposure to different foods and a sense of ownership. 
  • 4. Keep offering. Studies say that it can take up to twelve exposures of a food before they will like it and eat it. Don’t give up too quickly, keep popping that broccoli on the plate (or learning bowl!)
  • 5. Use share plates. Instead of being forced to eat a whole plate of whatever is in front of them, try offering food on share platters where there are choices. Make sure there is at least one familiar food that they already like. This strategy is less overwhelming for fussy eaters, offers some autonomy and increases exposure to different foods.
  • 6. Add nutrition. While the kids are going through a fussy stage, it might be helpful to add extra nutrients to their diet where you can. Food based solutions like bone broth powder, fruit and vegetable powders or even finely grating liver into meals can all boost nutrients in a subtle way!

Fussy With Remedies?

I know when kids are fussy with food or have sensory issues, taking remedies can also be challenging.

For flower essences, you can choose the vegetable glycerine option on remedies, which is quite sweet and may be tolerated better than the brandy! You can also add the drops to filtered water and they become barely noticeable.

For homeopathy pilules, you can crush these up between two clean spoons and a small amount dabbed on the tongue or you can drop the remedy into a glass of filtered water (stir to disperse the energy through the water).

I would love to hear from you. What have you found that has helped with fussy eaters??


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