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Supporting You Through Transition



The last couple of years have been tough on everyone. A worldwide pandemic and natural disasters really do create a lot of changes and challenges and with that, some emotional trauma.

Many people have been unwell and are suffering with long term effects, have lost loved ones, jobs and homes, been forced to relocate and experienced family disruption, divorce and discord. All of those big transitions can create feelings of stress, fear, sadness, anxiety, grief and depression.

Life is constantly changing and the big transitions can be very overwhelming.  It can be hard to find resilience and strength when our whole world is unstable. The emotional trauma can also impact on our mental and physical wellbeing. 

While you are going through transitions, please be kind to yourself. Find as much down time as you can and seek out support for your mind and body.

Here are some things that can help: 


Transition Essence Blend 

This Australian Bush Flower Essence has been formulated to assist with acceptance and feeling at peace during transitions like the death of a loved one (including pets), relationship breakdowns and leaving a job, town, house or anything that is a significant change in your life.  


This essence helps one to cope and move through any major life change. It assists with promoting an awareness of one’s true life direction.  


In terms of end of life, this very special essence can soothe the fear of death and allow one to pass with calmness, serenity and dignity. 


A wonderfully supportive energy for any family going through transitions.


Good Vibrations Essence Blend

This is another of my essence blends that you may find useful. Good Vibrations can support you in being open to the messages from the universe and what it has in store for you. To see the big picture and have hope and optimism for the future. 


Sweet Dreams Essence Blend

Big changes can leave us in emotional turmoil and sleep can be elusive as we worry and stress. Sweet Dreams Essence can help with switching off, finding peace and calm and regulating the body clock. 


Emergency Essence Blend

Emergency Essence is a great blend to assist with shock, trauma, pain and stress.


Bottlebrush Essence

This bush flower essence is good for acceptance and change. You can take it for situations like new jobs, new schools, new homes, moving forward with life and even for things like toilet training. Don't hesitate to reach out to me to help you get your hands on this essence. 


Ignatia is a brilliant homeopathic remedy for deep sadness and emotional upsets like shock, grief, hysteria, emotional and mental strain and homesickness. 


Kali Phos 

Kali Phos is a tissue salt that is traditionally used as a nerve nutrient. It is good for supporting the body in times of stress. 



The homeopathic remedy Arnica, is one that many people think of for physical wounds and trauma, but it can also be used when a person ‘feels beaten’ and emotionally bruised or traumatised.  



Pulsatilla is a great homeopathic remedy when you feel weepy and emotional with little control over your emotions. You might cry at any reminders like photos and sad music.



The homeopathic remedy Aconite is indicated for shock or sudden trauma like a car accident, bad news or a fright. 


Stress Complex

Owens has combined Cocculus, Ginseng, Kali Phos and Phos Acid in this homeopathy complex to help with general stress.


Calm and Clear Mist

The Calm and Clear Mist is a beautiful combination of flower essences and essential oils. It can help you relax, even with external stress and pressure, wind down and find time for yourself. Mist it all over your body or spray it in your home or spaces to help promote calm whenever you need. 


Essential Oils

There really are oils for everything and some that can support you in times of transitions are:


  • Chamomile (great for stress relief, anxiety release, insomnia)
  • Rose (for fear of being alone and gently mothering yourself)
  • Frankincense (grounding and balancing of roller-coaster emotions)



Using crystals can also be soothing and grounding in times of transitions and give you a tangible anchor. Try these:


  • Rhodonite  (helps to heal emotional wounds and past traumas)
  • Black Onyx (helps with emotional strength and stamina to face grief or trauma)
  • Moonstone (renewing, brings insight and assists during change and transition)


Self Care

Practicing extreme self care cannot be underestimated during times of transition.


Take yourself off to bed early, eat nourishing foods, swap caffeine and alcohol for calming herbal teas, find time to spend in nature and do some gentle exercise like walking and yoga. 


Meditation, breathwork or even just taking time to sit quietly can also help. 


Akal Chant

Akal (pron. Ah Caaal) is a beautiful, mindful chant to do when a loved one crosses over. It honours those who cross and those who mourn. Chanting can be so soothing and help calm the nervous system.


Humans are not meant to experience life alone. So, reach out for support during transitions. This might look like:


  • Asking family and friends to help for practical assistance with everyday tasks and childcare
  • Setting up a meal train to help nourish you
  • Seeking help from a counsellor or psychologist (Griefline can be a good starting point)
  • Booking in holistic therapies like kinesiology, reiki, art therapy, hypnotherapy etc. 
  • Hiring a death doula to help with the crossing over of loved ones 


Your pets can also pick up on transitions, change and all the emotions that a family is going through. My Stress Less Pet flower essence blend can help and any of the homeopathic remedies can also be used. 


It’s really important to be gentle with yourself when going through big life transitions. Your emotions are valid and honouring them is crucial. Take all the time you need to witness, feel and allow the emotions to move through you. Get the support you need to help you navigate the new changes.

I hope this information was helpful to you. Don’t forget that I can also make a Personalised Bushflower Essence to help you with exactly what you are going through and how you are feeling.


Sources: Owen Homeopathics, Australian Bush Flower Essences, Whimsy and Wellness.








Natural Remedies for Pets

There are many natural remedies you can use for caring for your pets and addressing their minor ailments.

This helps make their care more affordable and convenient when you can administer support at home.

Flower essences and homeopathic remedies work just as well on our furry friends as they do on us! They are 100% safe for all pets and can be used in conjunction with any medications.

For chronic conditions, of course consult your veterinarian! 

Stress Less Pet

Flower Essence Remedies:


I make a flower essence blend especially for pets. Stress Less Pet can help with calming anxious or injured pets, diffusing their stress and trauma and encouraging positive behaviours.

It is useful to support your pets when they are unwell, frightened with loud noises and fireworks or having trouble with separation anxiety. Vet visits, holidays and car trips are other great opportunities to use this remedy. 


Emergency Essence is a good one to have on hand for pets for using in times of shock and trauma.

You can administer these orally, add to water or food or apply topically to the back of the neck.

These are suitable for all pets and you can even use them on injured wildlife!

Pets Simplest RemedyBLOG

Homeopathic Remedies:

Just like flower essences, homeopathic remedies can be used safely on your pets and they respond much the same as humans. 

Owen Homeopathics have a great new range of combination remedies especially for pets, however you can also use any of the individual remedies as required also.

For home prescribing there is a huge amount of information here that can assist you in deciding what to use.

The ready-made pet complex remedies make it really easy for us to prescribe and use. They contain a blend of remedies and sometimes flower essences are included as well.

Animal Worming Complex 

The Animal Worming Complex is a combination of homeopathic remedies used traditionally for symptoms associated with parasitic worm infestation. 


Flea Deterrent Complex

This complex is a combination of homoeopathic remedies used traditionally for the symptoms associated with itchy skin and susceptibility to fleas.  

This remedy may need to be repeated a few times daily and be continued for a week to ten days before the problem is fully resolved.  


Animal Itchy Skin Complex

The Itchy Skin Complex can assist your pets in managing their itchy skin and allergies. 


Animal Hot Spot Complex

This combination contains the following remedies: Graphites 6c, Hepar sulph 6c, Pulex 6c, Rhus tox 6c, Thuja 6c & Sulphur 6c to aid in the treatment of skin ailments like hot spots.


Animal Heartworm Complex

This complex can be used for heartworm treatment and prevention. You can give this remedy twice on one day every month as a preventative.


Cat Flu Nosode

This remedy can be given to your cat every few months and again just prior to boarding to assist with preventing cat flu. You also use this remedy to treat affected cats. 


3 Owen, J. (2010). Homoeopathy for the home prescriber. Western Australia, AUSTRALIA: QDirect.


This blog is not intended to replace the service of a qualified practitioner.  Any application of the recommendations set forth in this blog is at the reader’s discretion and sole risk.