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Christmas Gift Guide

The Simplest Remedy Christmas Gift Guide

Christmas is just around the corner (how did that happen?) and it’s time to start getting organised with gifts.  If you are like me, I always enjoy looking for gifts that are a little bit different. I’ve put together a few gift ideas for like-minded shoppers, so I hope you find something that resonates.

Flower Essence Combo Packs:

I know I wouldn't be without flower essences on hand to help handle the ups and downs of life.  These combo packs make great gifts for those who prefer a gift of health and happiness over the latest trendy gadget.  

The following packs are $54.95 and are available instore at Family Life Organics in Townsville or online

School Pack: contains Focus Pocus, Shake It Off and Confidence Charge to help school children of all ages to become self-motivated, confident individuals in the face of challenges.


New Mum Kit: contains Pregnancy Support, Birthing Support and Breastfeeding Support and will make a thoughtful gift for any mother-to-be, regardless if she is expecting her first child or her fifth! 


Toddler Tactics: contains The Food Critic, Potty Potion and Whoopsies to assist any parent in tackling the tough challenges of raising one (or more) small human.


Sanity Savers: contains Sweet Dreams, The Food Critic and Tanty Tamer to give strength and courage to preserve your sanity as you raise a spirited individual. 


And my LIMITED EDITION Festive Edition of Sanity Savers might also help get through the festive period as it includes Good Vibrations to encourage abundance and prosperity, Rocket Fuel to keep you going through the busy days and late nights, and Calm Your Farm when you need to deal with crowds, noisy environments and constant demands from family. 

A Healing Gift:

As adults, we all carry emotional baggage around from past hurts.  Sometimes this can impact on our everyday lives, manifesting into impatience, anger, resentment, guilt and even lack of energy.  

A customised flower essence blend can help restore balance and begin to peel back the emotional layers from the past, allowing one to let go and move forward.  Drop me a line to arrange a voucher to get an Essence personalised for your loved one. It can be a really different and memorable gift that continues to give for years to come. 

Bush Flower Mists:

Australian Bush Flower Essences make beautiful spray mists that I absolutely love! 

I stand by this brand  because it is Australian owned and made, it doesn’t test on animals and, equally as important, the products do the job and have the therapeutic benefits of flower essences and essential oils.  

The mists are fabulous to use as a personal energy clearing and uplifting spritz or use in the home or car to shift the mood and energy.

I have the following blends available on the website for you: Calm and Clear, Travel, Space Clearing, Emergency, Sensuality and Woman


Homeopathic Kits


Whether you are just starting out with homeopathic remedies, or you have quite a collection, a kit can be handy as a neat and tidy way to store remedies.  The travel kit is great not only for when you are on the move, but makes a nice gift for someone wanting to expand their range.  With 20 remedies and a reference book, it’s a great way to cover a lot of bases from cuts and bruises, to travel sickness and colds.  


Looking for something a little more comprehensive?  Well, you can choose from three larger kits - the Small Kit, the Children’s Kit and the First Aid Kit.  These sets also contain tissue salts and ointments at great value. 




The Gift of Health:

For the person who has everything, why not consider the practical gift of food?!  

You could get a voucher from your local organic shop or fruit and vegetable delivery service. You could also make up your own hamper of local, organic and ethical products. 

For my children’s great grandparents, I put together a hamper every year of products that I know they wouldn’t buy themselves – things like natural hand soaps, shower gels, shampoos, hand cream, dishwashing detergent and a few quality snacks.  They absolutely love it and say they enjoy trying the new products.


I like to make my every dollar count so when I can buy something from a charity that serves a purpose, like a calendar or a Christmas decoration, but also benefits the charity, I am one happy shopper!

In the past, I have bought a few calendars as gifts from the local Angel Paws branch which cares for and rehomes abandoned and injured animals.  From being a foster carer of animals with Angel Paws, I know they run on very minimal funds, with little to no government funding. 

In recent years, my Mum has bought her 13 grandchildren only a small gift and makes a donation in their name to a charity.  Most charities will provide a certificate for such a donation, which the children then received.  

My children were 5, 7 and 9 years old the first year we did it, and I don't think they were too young to understand that it is important to give to others, and be grateful for all that we have.  They have already started researching which charities they will chose this year!  

So this Christmas, perhaps a gift of a donation in the name of a friend will spread the love a little further.  Just always remember to check out the charity thoroughly, as some tend to use an awful lot of funds on glossy brochures and admin costs, rather than doing the work they are set up to do. 

So, in a nutshell, I hope you can take something from my gift guide this Christmas, and give a gift with meaning. 

Have a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by love and happiness.