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2021 Mother's Day Gift Guide

I hope you enjoy my little collection of mostly local, small businesses who can provide something truly unique and special this Mother's Day.  Please note, that I am in no way affiliated with any of these businesses and do not benefit in any way from sharing these products.  It's just me, thinking about my Mum for Mother's Day and putting it down on paper... 


Australian Bush Flower Essences recently re-vamped their organic skincare range with some beautiful packaging and new formulations.  While I haven't tried the newest formulations, I stand by this range as it ticks all of my boxes:

  • * Australian owned and made
  • * Organic ingredients
  • * No animal testing
  • * Contains the therapeutic benefits of flower essences and essential oils

If you are curious about this range, but not ready to jump in boots and all, I have some amazing specials on the products with the previous packaging, complete with free Australia-wide postage.  But otherwise, you might like to check out the full range which has a discount running at the moment for orders over $100.

Cleaning Products:

If you have not heard of cleaning products containing beneficial bacteria, you should really check out the Culture Clean range.  Healthy living is not just about what you put in your mouth, but also the products in our living environment.  The Culture Clean range includes a hand sanitiser, hand wash, all-purpose cleaner, mould cleaner, air freshener, fridge spray and the range is expanding all of the time.  By using these artisan products, you are replacing harmful germs with helpful bacteria that will support a healthy immune system.  And sshhh....there's a Mother's Day giveaway on at the moment - check out Culture Clean on Facebook for more details. 

Food! Glorious Food!

Readers from Townsville will be familiar with Nourishing Bites goodies, I am sure!  Shelley and her team produce exquisite treats made from local and organic ingredients.  I was fortunate enough to get one of her Mother's Day boxes last year and it was a real chore to share it with the family!  So my hot tip is to secretly order yourself one, stash it at the back of the freezer where no one will look and enjoy it all yourself!  Check out all the info on Nourishing Bites' gluten free, dairy free, refined sugar free and vegan goodies, as well as their Mother's Day packs on their Facebook page

Escape for a day:

Local lady, Emma, from ET Events, organises special retreats on the picturesque Magnetic Island.  Visit for the day to rest, relax and rejuvenate with lunch, refreshments, a massage, a healing session, return ferry tickets and more included in ticket price.  With the next retreat scheduled for the 23rd May (and another on the 13th June), why not book a ticket for Mum or go with her for some quality time out!  Click here for more information.  

One of a kind jewellery

I have been following Immeryours Keepsake Jewellery & Art for a loooong time, admiring their handcrafted pieces including ashes, hair, breastmilk and other inclusions.  I know I will get a piece from here one day, but it's just a matter of choosing which one!  To me, jewellery should be unique to you and tell it's own story.  I have been known to spot beautiful jewellery worn by a stranger and ask them what the story is behind the piece.  I've always found this person loves a moment to explain the significance of their piece.  If you are in the market for a piece that tells your story, Anja and her team would be a great place to start.


Homeopathy:  If you know someone who is becoming aware of the benefits of homeopathy or has been using it for some time, perhaps a kit would make a thoughtful, practical gift?  Choose from three kits: small, travel, children's and first aid.  These items are special orders only, but you can find out about what is included in each kit here

Flower Essences:

And then, of course, there is the magical flower essences created by yours truly.  Flower Essences come in oral drops and there are a number of pre-made blends to suit various circumstances.  For example, a Mother who is needing a shift in energy with her intimate relationship, may find For Ever and Ever helpful, while the exhausted Mother who never can never get a good night's sleep may find Sweet Dreams recharges her batteries each night.  One of my most popular Essences, Calm Your Farm, works wonders for the superhero Mum exposed to the endless demands of children for hours, days or weeks with no break. Flower Essences can be personalised, making a thoughtful gift for a Mother in need of a little TLC.  Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that until the 1st May, I have 10% off sitewide so please make the most of it!  Just use the code, SUPPORTLOCAL at the checkout.

Gift Vouchers:

Can't decide what Mum would like best?  Then perhaps a gift voucher is the option - meaning Mum can choose whatever she wants for online from The Simplest Remedy website.  Contact us to arrange your gift voucher, for whatever amount you desire.  

Being a mother is the most rewarding 'job' a woman can be blessed with, and Mother's Day should be treated as a day of reflection for all - thinking about their mother and all that she does/did provide.  For young mothers it can be a time to marvel at the amazing human beings you help shape, while I hope more experienced mothers take the time to commend themselves on their hard work and tireless dedication.  For the sons and husbands, often just saying thank you is enough.  But for those with an angel Mum, take a minute to reflect on how proud she would be of your accomplishments and successes.  Happy Mother's Day to all, xo Megan