Personalised Essence

We have had you create a number of personalised essences for different family members, and they have always been phenomonal ~ Jane.


Oh my gosh! I LOVE this blend.... one dose of whoopsies stopped a panicked phone call for an ambulance last night!!!  

My son got his um...”boy bits” caught in the zip of his onsie!!! 20 mins hubby tried to help free him, 20 mins of screaming, in pain & in fear!!

He was as scared as much as he was in pain. I gave him the whoopsies, really not knowing what else to do, & thinking we’d have to call an ambulance.

Within 30 seconds of taking just one dose, he’d substantially calmed and was able to free himself from the zip!!!! 

I couldn’t believe it! But I’m sooooo grateful I had whoopsies on hand & wished I got it out sooner!! Then I took some too, because I was pretty rattled.

A million thank you’s for this amazing product!!