Personalised Flower Essence Blend

1 x 30ml Flower Essence Blend
$ 32.95
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A personalised blend using Australian Bush Flower Essences, carefully chosen to address a specific need for you.  This blend includes a thorough online consultation to establish the best combination of Essences to help you.  

When choosing this option, please be sure to include an accurate email address or phone number as upon receiving this order, you will be contacted regarding a consultation.  Alternatively, you can leave a message on Facebook if you prefer that method of communication.  

Personalised blends can address a number of complaints, not limited to, but including:

* sleep issues

* anxiety

* worry/stress

* low self-esteem

* separation anxiety

* feeling down

* low energy

* low libido

* teething

* digestive upsets

* breaking habits

* skin complaints

Upon choosing a Personalised Flower Essence blend, The Simplest Remedy will be in touch to discuss the desired outcomes on your blend. Please ensure you enter an email address or phone number to be contacted on.