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In our family, we were paid a visit by Mr Rotavirus when our first son was 11 months old, and a few other gastro viruses over the years.  I don't feel like an expert in this area as I believe our experience isn't very extensive, however, I do feel empowered with the remedies, essences and essential oils on hand to tackle any bug that comes our way.  Here's a few suggestions:


A fantastic product in the Brauer's Child and Baby range is Stomach Calm, available from just about any chemist.  It can be used on babies from birth, right up until children 12 years of age.  It is aimed at relieving diarrhoea, stomach ache, upset stomach as well as constipation, indigestion and reflux.  Containing remedies like Carbo Veg and Lycopodium it covers all your bases on where the pain is coming from (upper abdomen - Carbo Veg, lower abdomen - Lycopodium) and Nux Vomica is great for nausea in general, as well as the cramping and constipation that may accompany an upset stomach.  I also like how this blend contains Podophylum which is an effective remedy when your baby experiences loose stools or diarrhoea with teething.  


Owen Homoeopathics:

Another excellent homeopathic blend to have on hand is Owen Homoeopathic's Nausea Complex.  It will not only help you out by relieving symptoms of a stomach bug, it contains Ipecac which often eases morning sickness or the nausea not relieved by vomiting.  It contains Arsenicum which is the go-to remedy for Bali-Belly, traveller's diarrhoea and food poisoning, as well as Pulsatilla which covers the gas and rumbling associated with some stomach aches, and the changes in stools.  This blend can also be given to children from birth, but examining the remedies in the Nausea Complex this blend focuses on the nausea while Brauer's Stomach Calm helps with a broader range of stomach upsets.  


For more specific remedies for stomach aches and digestive upsets, click here.  



Australian Bush Flower Essences:

Two essences, in  particular, tackle nausea - Crowea and Paw Paw.  Both of these essences are in the Belly Bandaid, settling your stomach and aiding digestion.  A good idea is to take it in tandem with Bulletproof to support your immune system and assist with a speedy recovery.  


Young Living Essential Oils:

While I personally go straight to Peace & Calming when my children have stomach complaints (diluting and massaging their tummy gently in a clockwise direction), there are many other common and helpful oils.  For example, Peppermint is another extremely popular oil for stomach complaints.  Diffusing, inhaling, diluting and massaging and if no skin irritation is present, you can also put a drop just under your nose to aid relief.  Then there's Ginger, Lemon, Oregano, Di-Gize, Juva-Flex and Thieves.  All of these oils (except Peace & Calming) have very high anti-viral properties which can also assist in eliminating the virus that is causing the discomfort.  



Other Wellness Tips

* Keep hydration up!  It is very important not to dehydrate.  Dehydration in children is reason to seek immediate medical attention.

* Rest your body - it's dealing with a lot and it can heal faster if you slow down and rest more.

* Consider Olive Leaf Extract - Another good anti-viral that will help you get back on top of things faster.  Or perhaps take it as a preventative if those around you are suffering from an upset stomach.

* Boost the health of your gut by increasing your fermented food intake, taking probiotics, drinking kefir and/or consuming bone broth.  A healthy gut will reduce your risk of contracting gastro, minimising the impact of such a virus, and speed your recovery.  

* Breastfeeding - an excellent way to keep little ones hydrating and nourished throughout a bout of any illness, including gastroenteritis.  

* Prevention - if someone in your household is experiencing a stomach virus, practise good hygiene, diffuse essential oils and consider regular doses of Ferrum Phos as it can will boost your immune system during times of exposure.  



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