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I’m really excited by this blog as my three children were so different to each other when it came to teething and I was able to experiment with quite a few remedies until I found success. 

 Owen Homoeopathics:

Straight off the top of my head when someone says their baby is teething I think of Chamomilla.  It’s a very common remedy used for the cranky baby that is difficult to please and will demand something and then push it away once they’ve been given it.  You will find most teething blends contain Chamomilla as it is such an effective, gentle remedy that usually fosters great relief. 

While you can buy the simplex,Chamomilla 6c, Owen Homoeopathics also supply a Teething Complex that includes Belladonna 6x, Calc Phos 6x, Chamomilla 5x and Coffea 5x1.  My experience with this complex has been with my daughter who is still going through bouts of teething.  I purchased this when my other go-to products weren’t working sufficiently.  It definitely made a difference and I think for her, it was the inclusion of Calcium Phosphate that helped tremendously – giving her an extra supply of calcium when she needed it most.  And with the calming nature of Chamomilla and Coffea, and the Belladonna to relieve any temperature and tenderness in the ear, this was a winner for her!


Brauer supplies a wonderful teething blend called “Baby & Child Teething” that can be safely given to the ‘early teethers’ – younger than six months.  It contains a stronger potency Chamomilla and Belladonna than Owen Homoeopathics as well as Aconite, Actaea spicata, Colocynthis, Kreosotum, Merc. sol, Nux Vomica and Silica.  I do like how this blend contains Silica as it can be very helpful with teething for the child who sweats about the head and neck as well as the feet and hands.  And with gentle remedies like colocynthis and nux vomica, it will also settle bub’s tummy if teething causes any digestive upsets.  This remedy was very effective for our first born as we found following the recommended doses on the bottle leading up to bedtime or nap time, ensured a peaceful rest. 

All of Brauer Child and Baby range contain a preservative called hydroxybenzoates.  Google it so you can make your own informed choice.  The entire Brauer range is readily available from most chemists, however if you are having trouble getting a hold of it, feel free to contact us and we can get it for you. 

Australian Bush Flower Essences:

In conjunction with any teething remedy, I usually useEmergency Essence to help relieve the pain and irritability that can come with teething.  I find this to be especially helpful when it’s five o’clock in the afternoon and the child is irritable and clingy, and you quickly serve up dinner thinking the child is hungry and she only picks at the food or continues to be upset.  A dose of Emergency Essence for her AND YOU, usually sorts everyone out.  I usually follow up with a dose of your chosen teething product and the child should sit up and have a good dinner before settling for the night. 

Emergency Essence can help to ease pain and clear panic and fear.  And you may also find my Sizzled Bits blend can help with the temperature that can accompany teething.


Tissue Salts:

Martin & Pleasance formulate tissue salts in convenient tablet form that are suitable from birth.  Tissue salts are the basic composition of tissue in the body which are essential for optimal health.  These tablets have a subtle raspberry taste and can be easily crushed and mixed in to food or purees. Strong Bones & Teeth contain crucial tissue salts required by the body to build strong, healthy teeth like Calc Phos, Calc Flour and Silica, and the Pain & Fever Ease containing Ferr Phos, Mag Phos and Nat Mur, can help the body manage discomfort and mild temperatures.



Other Tips & Ideas:

* Warm baths and baby massage can help relax baby and divert baby’s attention away from pain.

* Other homeopathic products that may help are Hylands Teething Gel/Teething Tablets, Weleda Teething Granules, Mighty Melts Sore Throat, Gums and Ears.  These products are available in Chemists and some health food shops.

* Baby-wearing can help provide comfort to your unsettled baby while you are free to move around and get jobs done.

* Rolled up frozen face washer for baby to suck and chew on.

* Frozen fruits like mango seeds, banana, grapes (place in mesh bag) may help.

* Amber teething necklaces, teething rings or Sophie the Giraffe teether may provide some relief.

* Lots of cuddles and reassurance.



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This blog is not intended to replace the service of a qualified practitioner.  Any application of the recommendations set forth in this blog is at the reader’s discretion and sole risk.