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Christmas Gift Guide 2018

Well lookie who is organised this year!!! Can you believe we are only half way through November and I have published my Christmas Gift Guide blog!!  First time for everything!
If you are like me, I always enjoy looking for gifts that are a little bit different.  I thought it wouldn’t hurt to put together a few gift ideas for like-minded shoppers, so I hope you find something that resonates. 
Flower Essence Combo Packs:
I know I wouldn't be without flower essences on hand to help handle the ups and downs of life.  These combo packs make great gifts for those who prefer a gift of health and happiness over the latest trendy gadget.  The following packs are $54.95 and are available instore at Family Life Organics in Townsville or online
School Pack: contains Focus Pocus, Shake It Off and Confidence Charge to help school children of all ages to become self-motivated, confidence individuals in the face of challenges. 
New Mum Kit: contains Pregnancy Support, Birthing Support and Breastfeeding Support and will make a thoughtful gift for any Mother-to-be, regardless if she is expected her first child or her tenth!
Toddler Tactics: contains The Food Critic, Potty Potion and Whoopsies to assist any parent in tackling the tough challenges of raising one (or more) small human.
Sanity Savers: contains Sweet Dreams, The Food Critic and Tanty Tamer to give strength and courage to preserve your sanity as you raise a spirited individual. 
A Healing Gift:
As adults, we all carry emotional baggage around from past hurts.  Sometimes this can impact on our everyday lives, manifesting in to impatience, anger, resentment, guilt and even lack of energy.  A customised flower essence blend can help restore balance and begin to peel back the emotional layers from the past, allowing one to let go and move forward.  Drop me a line to arrange a voucher to get an Essence personalised for your loved one can be a memorable gift that continues to give for years to come. 
Every year, my first stop is the organic skincare called Love System from Australian Bush Flower Essences.  Why?  Because it is really affordable!  The other reasons I stand by this brand is because it is Australian owned and made, it doesn’t test on animals and, equally important, is the products do the job and have the therapeutic benefits of flower essences and essential oils.  To full skincare range is available at Family Life Organics in Townsville - with testers to try before you buy, or you can order online
The Gift of Health:
For the person who has everything, why not consider the practical gift of food?!  You could get a voucher to your local organic shop or make your own hamper of local, organic and ethical products.  For my children’s great grandparents, I put together a hamper every year of products that I know they wouldn’t buy themselves – natural hand soaps, shower gels, shampoos, hand cream, dishwashing detergent and a few quality snacks.  They absolutely love it and say they enjoy trying the new products.
Many wouldn’t think it, but dehydrated bone broth can make a nice gift.  I’ve had customers say that they ask for their family to buy them a jar for birthdays etc as they sometimes don’t spend the money on themselves.  Plus it’s a simple, ick-free way to introduce someone to the benefits of bone broth.  Why not try the new completely dissolvable bone broth in beef or chicken to sway the opinion of the skeptics.
A recipe book is another way to assist one with their health journey by providing inspiration and practical recipes for better health.  Changing Habits' most recent cookbook is a great companion for any health-conscious home cook.  It provides education and information, as well as recipes.  I have all of the other Changing Habits cookbooks too and use them regularly for main meals, lunch boxes, desserts and snacks.  You can take a closer look here.  Or consider the gift of education of Cyndi O'Meara's 2018 updated version of Changing Habits Changing Lives - a comprehensive reference guide to making informed choices about the foods you put in to your body.
Essential Oils:
Essential oils are so popular now and many are seeing positive health benefits from them.  Storing the little bottles, however, can be a nightmare and actually quite dangerous if you have little ones around.  I love these storage boxes from Aromamatic.  I have two large ones and my youngest two will be getting a small, 15-slot one for Christmas to keep their oil collections neat and tidy.
Diffusers may also be another good idea for your ‘oily’ friends.  I know I have a diffuser in nearly every room in my house and have a range of brands with a range of benefits.  My favourite one is the Ultrasonic Mist Diffuser because it can mist on and off in 30 second intervals for up to 7 hours.  These are great for the living areas as you can keep them on all day, and for children’s rooms.  I find I only need to refill them every so often as I turn it on while getting ready for bed, and then off once I’ve said good night.  The aroma lasts in their room for hours and you’ve only used a fraction of your water and oil.
I like to make my every dollar count so when I can buy something from a charity that serves a purpose, like a calendar or a Christmas decoration, but also benefits the charity, I am one happy shopper.  In the past, I have bought a few calendars as gifts from the local Angel Paws branch which cares for and rehomes abandoned and injured animals.  From being a foster carer of animals with Angel Paws, I know they run on very minimal funds, with little to no government funding.  Last year, my Mum decided she would buy her 13 grandchildren a small gift and make a donation in their name to a charity.  I compiled a list of local charities and the services they provide, and the children each chose which one they would like.  Most charities will provide a certificate for such a donation, which the children then received.  My children were 5, 7 and 9 years old at the time and I don't think they were too young to understand that it is important to give to others, and be grateful for all that we have.  They have already started researching while charities they will chose this year!  So this Christmas, perhaps a gift of a donation in the name of a friend will spread the love a little further.  Just always remember to check out the charity thoroughly, as some tend to use an awful lot of funds on glossy brochures and admin costs, rather than doing the work they are set up to do. 
So, in a nutshell, I hope you can take something from my gift guide this Christmas, and give a gift with meaning. 
Have a wonderful Christmas, surrounded by love and happiness.