About us

The Simplest Remedy is a small business borne out of a passion for all things natural and maintaining good health.  The owner, Megan Holland, is surrounded by a support network of friends and relatives who are proactive when it comes to their health and the health of their family.  This group of people along with Megan’s passion was the inspiration for The Simplest Remedy.

Maintaining a healthy lifestyle can be costly and time-consuming – whether it’s sourcing local/organic fresh produce, travelling to a good health shop, making meals from scratch, or keeping abreast of latest health news and research.  The Simplest Remedy’s mission is to help everyone, particularly families, to access natural medicines at very competitive prices. 

The Simplest Remedy stocks a comprehensive range of products with the best evidence of effectiveness, quality and safety.  With remedies from Owen Homoeopathics, the Australian Bush Flower Essences and Young Living Essential Oils, there is bound to be a product to enhance your health.  Used as directed, these products can empower your family to take charge of their health and minimise recovery time to ensure your family is getting the most out of life.